Sending light to those consumed by hate

LightI committed myself to 30 days of meditation – filling my body with light and sending that light through my right hand outward, to anyone who had radical views, who had so much hate in them, who felt disempowered, and whose only solution available to their awareness is to attack.

About the same time I made the commitment – I read an article criticizing “spiritual” people for sending love as not enough. A famous spiritual leader also did a video, which I watched on my Facebook wall, sharing her view that it wasn’t nearly enough to do so.

I thought about not doing it, but then I’d be doing nothing at all. And in reality it’s not all I did or do (more later). So although part of me had all the inner battles of my responses to the article and video, I stayed committed. Each day light was sent out to anyone who could possibly need light in their lives that day – Each day with a different intuitive message. I didn’t keep track of them all, but here are some examples of where the light was going, and the intentions behind it:

  • To those who lost hope and feel disconnected;
  • To penetrate a layer of hate in someone’s heart and soften it;
  • To help those who if they so choose, open their hearts;
  • To those disconnected, lonely, with hardened hearts, light and love for learning to allow self to receive.

When I reached day 14 of the 30-day commitment I kept considering if the heart carries hate. It may, but I chose to believe that hearts carry love, even if it’s buried in layers of pain, shame, blockages, self-judgment, self-hate – the love is at the center, waiting to be accessed. I like to believe that everything we do with a loving intention, can add up to more love. If all of us with awareness of the love in our hearts, made an effort to practice self-love, self-forgiveness, self-compassion, wouldn’t it make us more capable to offer compassion, forgiveness and love to other beings?

Several hurricanes were happening during this time, such as Harvey, followed by Irma and Jose, and I added to the practice to send light to them and to all on their path, and light to those on Maria’s path afterwards.

I likely will never know how it impacted, or didn’t, those I sent light to.

I can tell you, though, how it impacted me. For 30 straight days after journaling and before getting up in the morning (even on days I had to wake up extremely early for my taste) I grounded myself, filled myself with light, sent light to my own apartment and building, and then outwards. This commitment had several implications:

  • It was a wonderful way to start my day;
  • I realized I could commit to other things (like exercising, though haven’t started it yet);
  • I received many unrelated small and big miracles that I associate with having started this practice;
  • I also realized that at some days I was hating myself for little things I had done that I judged not to be perfect, and I practiced self-forgiveness, and self-love. Thanks to the outer awareness of hate, I was able to recognize my own self-hate and shift it quicker than I ever could before.

If the 30-day commitment still seems not enough, this is how I contribute beyond sending light:

  • I seek to understand, and if I can’t, I seek to have compassion and not judge (not always successfully);
  • I keep working on myself, lighting the shadows, feeling my feelings, so that whatever part of me that may be contributing to the mass consciousness, can be released and help shift it;
  • I am open to having conversations with people open to having them or willing to open;
  • I plant seeds with my students by asking them how businesses could minimize hate in the world. At first they seem puzzled, but when I give them a few examples, they get it! Who knows the ripple effects this 10-minute conversation may have? I also asked graduate students to come up with business concepts to minimize hate in the world. For some it was easier than for others, but they all did it. Could you imagine if even one of them pursued it?
  • Mainly I keep transforming and growing, and, without attachment, I know that it may inspire others to do the same.

Could I do more? Perhaps there is always more one can do, but for now, I’m doing what I’m called to do.  How about you? What’s your contribution? Are you at least doing what you feel you can do? If not, please do. We all and most of all you benefit!

I’m also choosing not to hate the haters, myself included. Who is with me?

Sending love and light to all struggling with the aftermath of the hurricanes (also made donations). Sending love and light to those who aren’t yet fully connected to their brilliance, or feel more connected to the hate in their minds instead of the love in their hearts. Sending love to you either if you loved or hated this post, and thank you for reading it.


Elisa Balabram

PS. If you stopped what you were doing because you heard others saying it wasn’t enough, please go back to it, do it, it is enough, for at the minimum you, and that is plenty.

2 Responses to “Sending light to those consumed by hate”

  1. Lara Simmons Says:

    Hello dear Elisa!

    At work with nothing to do so catching up on my reading. LOVE this article. It really resonated with me. I often feel that I am not doing “enough” because my contribution is more “behind the scenes” – sending love and light, writing, working on myself, etc. – but I really believe that we must all do what we are called to do. That, in fact, we can do nothing else. Sending light and love is far better than spreading hate and dissension as so many “activists” do. I also believe that healing oneself pays dividends throughout the world. If each one of us was healed, we would all be healed. The work you did and are doing is vital and meaningful. Keep it up and keep writing about it. Sending lots and lots of love your way!

  2. Elisa Balabram Elisa Balabram Says:

    Dear Lara,

    Thank you! I agree with you, healing oneself matters.

    Much love and light sent your way,


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