Honoring the Creative Process

Friday, December 19th, 2014

CoversWhat’s your creative process? Do you allow yourself to create without any fears or self-talk? Do you ask for help? Do you trust yourself above all else?

The process of creating the cover design of my new novelette fiction story ebook was very interesting. On the one hand, I thought of the conventional wisdom that it’s best to hire a professional to design an ebook cover. On the other hand, as writing the story was a healing tool for me, and since I also love drawing and painting, I felt that expressing myself through the cover design was more important than having a professionally drawn cover. As a coach, I usually advise my clients who are about to self-publish their books, not to use stock photos on their cover, and to hire someone to at least create an image for it. I ended up compromising, I drew the image, and asked a friend to create the format and add the title and my name to the cover. (more…)