Conversations with the Wisdom of the Full Super Moon Eclipse in Aries

moon 015On Sunday night I left my home at around 9:30pm to see the moon eclipse. As I was walking towards the shore, I could see the eclipse starting to cover the moon and it was fascinating. When I got to the shore, I watched until the moon was fully covered and had the reddish look. My attempts to capture the moment, the moon and the pinkish clouds with my phone’s camera, didn’t work out so well.

After a brief meditation and grounding exercise, I asked if there were any messages to share with my readers from the moon, and this is what I wrote in my notepad. If you were trying to see it from NYC, you may have gotten frustrated as I did, that the clouds kept covering the moon. It turns out that there was a lesson from the clouds as well. Here is the message I wrote:

Dear Ones,

You are enough. You are you. Remind yourself of it at every moment. There are no haters if you don’t hate. There are no lovers if you don’t love. Focus on love dear ones, focus on love.

There is nothing to fix, nothing to change, nothing to process. All it takes is the inhale and exhale – you know dear ones, you know.

If you feel like you’ve been waiting, waiting for something major, waiting for a light bulb, waiting for a sign – this is the sign. The magic of this moment can be experienced any time. The magic is nowhere, nowhere to be found, the magic is you, the magic is within you, the magic is in your heart and in your soul. You are the magic.

What are you waiting for? Go dance, go laugh, go write, go play, go sing, go be. Or, Stay. Stay in the present, stay in the energy field of your being, and expand the energy in all directions. The only thing that exists is this moment. That’s it. This particular moment.

If you are in this moment, what’s the wait? There is nothing to wait for. This moment, an inhale and exhale, live life from breath to breath, breath to breath, if the breath is deep so it is, if the breath is shallow, so it is.

In this moment, the clouds are moving, the Earth is moving, the moon is moving, your thoughts are moving. The energy radiates from you, from all beings. This is a majestic moment (to use your vernacular), yet, the clouds are here. Are they aware of this moment? Are they aware of what they hide? Are you aware of the clouds in front of you? Are you aware of the clouds within you?

As you ask the clouds in the sky to move, why not ask the clouds in front of you and within you to move as well? The clouds are there, yet we are still shining orange, we are unfazed by the clouds. That’s what we wish for you. Be unfazed by the clouds. Remind yourself and everyone around you that the clouds come and go, come and go, come and go. Your essence is not fazed by any of it, just like us [the moon’s wisdom]. Yep, the clouds are insisting in blocking the view – yet, you’ve seen us, you know we are real, and we continue to communicate and impact you all the same. And that goes for you all. Whatever it is behind the clouds, that’s what impacts you and impacts those around you. That certainty makes you see with your mind’s eye and with your naked eyes

It is magnificent. You are magnificent. There you go, the sky has cleared around us. It is that simple. Connect and reconnect with your essence and the clouds will find elsewhere to be. You are thinking what a privilege to be in our presence, the privilege is mutual. What a privilege to have your presence in this moment. What a privilege to have your attention.

The clouds are back and even with the magic that just happened a minute ago, you feel frustrated. You see, it’s all in perfect order, the clouds come and go, we are still communicating. The clouds are too, hear them whisper – they just want to be acknowledged. They want to be recognized that they are part of it too. They are magic and without them, you may not experience the magic you have, and the certainty that you’ve always carried that you can move the clouds. They know it, you know it, we know it. They are in on it. It adds to the fun, doesn’t it? So we invite you to see the clouds in your life as an invitation, an invitation to play with them, to listen, to ask them to move elsewhere, and come back when you need a reminder – a reminder of your power within, a reminder of your own magic. A reminder that behind the clouds, above the clouds, below the clouds, within the clouds, rest much wisdom. Are you willing to tap into it?

Who would have thought that the clouds would steal the show? But they didn’t, did they? You are out here, patiently waiting for them to move, for you to get a glimpse of us. Just a glimpse is enough for touching one’s heart. That’s all it takes. Go on, touch the clouds, touch the moon, touch your heart, touch someone else’s heart. The beauty you see is within you. It is you. How does it feel?


The Moon’s wisdom.

10:45pm, the clouds are back.

I found it to have some pockets of wisdom that we can all use when we feel stuck, or when our present and future look cloudy.



2 Responses to “Conversations with the Wisdom of the Full Super Moon Eclipse in Aries”

  1. Stella Chiu Says:


    Your post gave me tranquility feeling after reading this post over and over.

    We believe we have to fix this and that in order to achieve anything.

    But in fact, if we conscious our presence existence, the force will be here. The cloud will move away.

    Touching reflection – Thanks Elisa


  2. Elisa Balabram Elisa Balabram Says:

    Dear Stella,
    Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m glad to hear that this message touched you.


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