Setting Boundaries

A few months ago when I wrote about the process of editing the book, I shared that one of the chapters didn’t make the cut. Both my mentor and the book’s editor thought that it didn’t make sense to talk about setting boundaries in a book that teaches how to ask for help. In the end, I agreed with them and took the chapter out.

Why did I want to discuss setting boundaries in the first place?

Because depending on how long you’ve been in business, or how many businesses you’ve had so far, you are sure to have encountered people who knew (or assumed they knew), more than you do about your own business. You will encounter many “know it all” throughout your business career with the perfect solution to your business. You will also have clients who think they know the best products you should sell.


Before taking action on the not-asked-for suggestions received, make sure they make sense to you and your business. If the person making the suggestion, insists that you take action, just let her know that you will take her ideas into consideration, and that if you don’t act on it at this time, you will at least write it down for future reference.

The same rule would apply if a client is asking to launch a certain product or service. Your client might know what he or she needs, but even if you hear from one client, it does not mean that you need to make the changes right away. The best thing would be to survey a number of clients and make sure they really want it.

Feel free to share your strategies on setting business boundaries, by posting a comment.

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