Work with Elisa Balabram: Short & Intensive Coaching Program

Get Clarity and Move Forward!

It’s wonderful that you are here! I’d love the opportunity to coach you into shining your light, showing up authentically, and deeply expressing your truth.

Elisa Balabram

The coaching I offer encompasses intuitive life and business coaching. I connect with my heart space, and tap into my intuition, to coach and guide you through connecting with your intuition, to uncover your heart’s desire and any barriers that may be in the way of your true self-expression and self-actualization.

*** In case you simply have one particular issue you would like me to help you with, I offer a laser coaching session that you can learn more about here.

Have you spent a lot of money with group programs, training, and coaching? Have you gotten the motivation you needed, and even the tools you needed to move forward? Yet, have you been feeling stuck after following those “bullet proof” formulas and getting nowhere? Or have you had a hard time following strategies that are not aligned with who you are at all?

I ask these questions because I have done all of the above, and some clients have shared with me the same frustration they felt as well. That’s why I am offering this one-on-one customized coaching program. To help you get clarity, find the answers that already within you, work on what’s stopping you from moving forward, and to develop steps you will feel ready to follow joyfully without dragging your feet.

We will together customize the 5 coaching sessions that will benefit you the most, here are some of the topics we will discuss, depending on your own needs:

  • Get clearer on your path or next steps;
  • Identify any fears and blockages within you that may need releasing;
  • Create a strategy that works for you;
  • Release and let go of what it was or of what could have been;
  • Embrace all parts of yourself in order to move forward;
  • Start taking the steps we discuss and develop, and that resonate for you and your soul;
  • Take actual steps towards launching your business/art/creative/healing venture or pursue a new career;
  • Follow up to make sure you are consistent with it;
  • Follow up to release any additional layers of resistance that will show up as you move forward.

For best results the breakdown of the 5 sessions are as follows:

  • One 3-hour strategy meeting, and 2 60-minute follow up sessions
  • Email follow up between calls to help you stay on track

Please email me by clicking on the “I’m ready” button below, and we will agree on the best strategy for you and the time and date to get started.


 You can also call me at (571) 354-7210.

Learn more about my coaching style by visiting the Intuitive Business Coaching page. If you are unsure if this special offer is right for you, contact me to schedule a call and discuss where you are at this moment, and what you would like to accomplish. Working together will assist you in creating a heart-centered life, filled with joy, self-love, creativity, authenticity, and true purpose.

I have helped clients with starting their businesses, developing award winning business plans, growing their self-love practice, showing up more authentically, creating strategies that work for them, releasing fears and overcoming self-doubt, publishing their books, deciding on what to do in their lives and careers, fully showing up, and in knowing and pursuing their hearts’ desires.