Connecting with different cultures and satisfying many needs

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

PotteryMy sister and I went on a guided tour in Cappadocia, Turkey. The group included tourists from Turkey, from Canada, from Chile, and us from Brazil/US. After visiting several ancient cave sites, we stopped in Avanos, at a pottery business. The set-up is to hear about the business and their pottery making tradition, watch a demonstration, and then shop. During the initial presentation, we learned that the business was 200 years old.

Since I teach Family Business courses, I asked more questions: What generation did he belong to? 6th. Does he have children? Three and the oldest is 14. Are they being trained already to join the business? He said that he wasn’t sure what will happen with the business, since the next generation wants to make money fast, and there isn’t anything fast about this one. Each product is handmade, and some of the designs may take weeks to complete the painting. (more…)

Don’t Be Afraid to Paint Your Own Shoes

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Magic ShoesDuring the last class of the spring semester, I told the students “don’t be afraid to paint your own shoes”. Many of the students were graduating then, or will by the end of the year. It was my way of encouraging them to be authentic, to keep learning, to continue growing and pursuing their chosen careers and passions, and to be themselves. I was wearing the shoes I painted last year, and wrote about here.

When I first started wearing those shoes, part of me was concerned about what others would think. There have been some disapproving comments: “one side looks much better than the other” or “but they’re different!” To which, I’d answer: “they are not different, they are a full painting – you can’t have a garden without the sun, right?” And they would leave me alone. As I felt more at peace with my own artwork, I got more reassuring and supportive responses. Several people said that I should sell them. While I’m not there yet, I may start with a T-shirt collection. In the meantime, I do like the idea of expressing my creativity this way. (more…)

Lessons Are Best Learned When Experienced

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Lessons LearnedI’ve been reflecting on the experiences I learned and lived in 2016, and in this article I’m sharing a few lessons I’ve known for years, which I was able to experience and embody more fully last year:



  1. You only feel judged by someone if you judge your own self.

Although this lesson made a lot of sense to me, I didn’t know how not to feel judged. Every time I felt judged, I started to practice going inward, and checking in. Am I judging myself? Is it something truly relevant here that need to be judged? More often than not I felt judged when others judged me, until this happened… (more…)

Acknowledging that You Matter

Friday, December 30th, 2016

youmatterTowards the end of 2015 I decided that 2016 would simply be better. There were no rules, no expectations, and no resolutions. I owe many of the decisions I made, trips I took, family I visited, courses I purchased, adventures I got myself into, people I connected with, paintings I created, and retreats I attended, to it.

I also committed myself to sending a hand written card a day for the first 100 days of the year, to people who had impacted my life in small or big ways. I’d like to share the details of this journey with you, in case you’d like to commit to acknowledging others in your life, and to spread joy in a similar way or in your own unique way.

I kept going until the 120th day of the year, and then I slowed it down. As I write this post I can share that, since January 1st 2016, I mailed “approximately” (I’ll explain it later) 202 hand written and hand-made cards. After sending the first ten greeting cards, I started hand drawing something on cardstock paper with words that represented the person I was sending the card too. They were personalized, and it brought me great joy to hear that one person had framed the card, while a few others told me they placed it on their fridge, or sent me pictures of it on their walls or altars. (more…)

Transforming Pain into Art

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

painIf you are experiencing pain in this moment, be it towards someone else in your life, towards a loss, towards yourself, towards the past, or towards something you haven’t achieved or become, consider giving it a voice through art. As I’ve shared before, when I started writing Mending a Broken Heart: Lili’s Magic Journey, the goal was to help with my own healing process. I chose the written form as it is my way of expressing myself and healing. I decided to publish it because it would be great for its lessons to be a source of healing for its readers. Another motivation was to encourage people to create art from their pain.

The drawing in this post is my expression of a pain within that was brought up again yesterday. The pain of not fully expressing my needs, of allowing others to behave in a way that is not respectful or kind, of giving others chance after chance to change, while getting the same results. And then, having them make me wrong. No, I’m not wrong to say no more. (more…)

Living from the Heart Space and Minimizing Hate

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Rainbow HeartI was invited by the host of #SpiritChat on Twitter to discuss the energy of the heart on June 12th. You can read the cover post here. The chat itself brought joy to the participants, as we talked about how to connect with our hearts, and with each other in a loving way.

After what happened in Orlando, FL I asked myself: Was the perpetrator living from his heart space? Is this something that the heart creates or the mind? Is it something that a group, a community, a country, a religion, politics, society, economic crisis, a mastermind group, or a belief system creates? Or is it something isolated, one soul, one mission, one hate?

Every time an act of hate happens, I ask myself what can I do about it? How can I help minimize terror in the world? As I teach business courses, I started to ask my students, what can businesses do? What can we as a community do to touch the hearts of those filled with hate? What can you do? (more…)

Acknowledging and Appreciating a Friend’s and Your Own Essence

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

EssenceFor almost two years, I’ve had an accountability partner, Lara Simmons. We speak every Friday for about 20 minutes, though sometimes we have longer conversations and sometimes shorter ones. Through the support from each other, we’ve worked on our books, arts, blogs, challenges, and successes. On the first day of Chanukah, I opened my apartment door, to find an envelope from her. She lives in Seattle and we have yet to meet in person. Inside the envelope, there were eight carefully wrapped gifts to be opened one a day. I was filled with joy and love. Lara put so much effort and love into the gifts that made me overcome with emotions. I was on my way out, and when I got back I sent her an email, unsure if words could represent what I was feeling, and how much her gesture touched my heart.

Each day I waited for the evening with anticipation to open the next gift, trying to guess what was inside based on what she wrote in each numbered note. For example, gift 4 said “Because it always helps”, and I figured it was a chocolate bar, and it was! The last one, though, I had assumed it was a writing notepad for new creative projects, but it was a sketch pad, and it made me giggle. All of them had a deeper meaning, which can only come from someone who listens, who is present during conversations, who recognizes the essence of being, and who takes the time to care and appreciate someone’s truth and essence. I felt seen and heard. (more…)

Before the Year Ends – You Can Transform Your Life

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Love2As the end of the year approaches, what can you change, transform and achieve before December 31st that will enhance your life’s experience?

I’ve started a creative project about a month ago, working on designs, which will possibly be in T-shirts, mugs or journal covers. Although I’m not sure on the format, I can tell you that working on it, playing with colors, backgrounds, papers, texture, and tools have brought me great joy. And even if I don’t launch it this year, or ever, when I shared the first design with a few people who got it, and felt inspired by it, I received and felt their Love.

How about you? If you didn’t have to wait for the new year, and you could experience a personal transformation in the next 21 days, what would you like to focus on?

Before you continue reading, I invite you to sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and breathe. Place your hands on your heart. Then, breathe into your heart’s space and ask you heart what it needs this month. What does your heart and soul want to experience? (more…)

Committing to a Daily Self-? Practice

Friday, October 9th, 2015

singlestepAfter Hay House promoted Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books (R.I.P) a few weeks ago, I purchased and read his memoir I Can See Clearly Now. I recommend it, as he shared his incredible journey to become all that he was in life, the synchronicities, the lessons learned, the roadblocks and challenges, the inspiration, and his life’s purpose. One thing he mentioned right from the start was that he knew from a young age that he had to become self-reliant. Then, he shared that he always told himself “I’m a teacher”, and how he went on to teach others about self-reliance.

Dr. Wayne Dyer encourages his readers to consider what they can see clearly now. I’m taking my time to come up with my list. In the meantime, while reading his book, I resonated with his journey, as I’ve always felt like I was a teacher in my soul. Most of my life, every time I learned something new/interesting/revealing, I’ve shared it with anyone who would listen. That’s probably one of the reasons I became a coach, writer, speaker and also a lecturer. In terms of self-development, my life’s main area of focus for some time has been to practice self-love. If you’ve been a reader of my blog, you know that towards the end of 2013 I hosted the first 30-day self-love challenge, which ended up spreading to 45 days. Each day I came up with a practice worth sharing, wrote a blog post* and shared the link on Facebook.  A few months ago I decided to do it again, and came up with some new practices. (more…)

Conversations with the Wisdom of the Full Super Moon Eclipse in Aries

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

moon 015On Sunday night I left my home at around 9:30pm to see the moon eclipse. As I was walking towards the shore, I could see the eclipse starting to cover the moon and it was fascinating. When I got to the shore, I watched until the moon was fully covered and had the reddish look. My attempts to capture the moment, the moon and the pinkish clouds with my phone’s camera, didn’t work out so well.

After a brief meditation and grounding exercise, I asked if there were any messages to share with my readers from the moon, and this is what I wrote in my notepad. If you were trying to see it from NYC, you may have gotten frustrated as I did, that the clouds kept covering the moon. It turns out that there was a lesson from the clouds as well. Here is the message I wrote: (more…)